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Finnish National Bureau of Investigation questions suspected Lizard Squad member

A Finnish teenager suspected of being a member of self-proclaimed hacker group Lizard Squad was brought in for questioning this week in connection with an investigation into cyber attacks on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, according to Finland's National Bureau of Investigation.

Finnish website Yle reports that 17-year-old Ryan was interviewed at the start of the week and then released in connection with an investigation into aggravated data crimes in connection to the cyber attacks.

While the NBI refutes the report, the Washington Post, citing the Lizard Squad, says Ryan was arrested and remains in jail.

While the NBI is working closely with the FBI as part of its investigation, an NBI spokesperson told Yle that since the attack appears to have originated in Finland, the NBI will lead the investigation and proffer potential charges. The NBI said it is in the early stages of its investigation.

If found guilty, Ryan faces four months to four years in prison.

Ryan was questioned after appearing on Sky News to brag about the attack. In that interview, he said the group — which includes members younger than 20 — treated the attack as a sort of game. He also said that three people "essentially" carried out those attacks.

During his questioning, Ryan told investigators that he was just a spokesperson for the group and not directly involved.

Ryan's questioning comes days after the arrest of a 22-year-old man in England. Vinnie Omari was arrested as part of investigations into a PayPal fraud scheme and the attacks on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The Lizard Squad is a group of self-described hackers who since August have made a nuisance of and name for itself by taking down a variety of gaming networks, including Blizzard's, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. On Dec. 1, the group threatened to take down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over the holidays. They later claimed responsibility for both network outages, which stretched through Christmas.

In a short email interview with Polygon last week, a member of Lizard Squad said they were motivated to attack the networks because "chaos is entertainment."

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