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Sons of Anarchy game shows off first-person smoking in this trailer

Sons of Anarchy ended its seven-season run a month ago yesterday, and its forthcoming video game, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, chose that mini-anniversary to offer up the first trailer showing off the game.

It's only 42 seconds long, but scenes include first-person driving, combat, and cigarette smoking, although whether these are scripted or user-controlled is unknown. It's very dark and rainy, but it appears this will have a cel-shaded art style as well.

The story involves a previously unknown chapter of the club, which explains why that sergeant-at-arms 12 seconds in doesn't look like Tig or Chibs.

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect is described as "an interactive, episode-based game" and it will launch on mobile devices. Series creator Kurt Sutter has touted it as a "very high-end tablet game." In it, one will assume the role of a prospect in the outlaw motorcycle club trying to earn his way in.

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