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Saturday, 1.4M people were playing Minecraft at the same time; half multiplayer, half single

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Microsoft's purchase of Minecraft certainly hasn't put any sort of damper on the continued success of the wildly popular open-word crafting game.

Developer Mojang on Friday announced it finally had a way to track how many people were currently playing the game online on PC.

A few minutes later Adams, a developer at Mojang, tweeted that he should have waited five minutes so he could have tweeted one million. Adams added that "exactly 50 percent of players are in [single player] at any moment."

Today, Adams told Polygon that on Saturday the game's concurrents peaked at 1.4 million.

While Steam recently topped 8.5 million concurrent players, no single game on the service has made it above a million. Dota 2, which regularly tops the concurrency list, typically peaks in the 900,000 range.