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Destiny fixed, Crota isn't a pushover anymore; Iron Banner rewards detailed

All good things, and boss-weakening glitches, must come to an end. And so today, with Destiny's latest patch, players will find that Crota isn't the pushover some had turned him into.

Among the myriad of updates, fixes and additions was one very important one:

"Crota," the breakdown of the latest update reads, "will now recover from his kneeling state after a player quits."

It's a relatively easy fix for a cheat players discovered in taking on the boss. The update also makes sure that two Swordbearers will no longer spawn at the same time at the outset of the encounter and got rid of the ability for players to remove the "Presence of Crota" using a Radiance Warlock's Fireborn ability.

So the update removed the Crota-killing cheat. But what else do Destiny players get?

"The Dark Below infused Destiny with new content, along with some new issues that we have sought to correct," according to a post by the Destiny development team. "With this update, we're paying special attention to the Crota's End Raid — along with weapons, arenas, and rewards for other activities. Iron Banner is also being prepared to return."

Here's a bit of the rundown, though you can get the complete details right here.

Iron Banner returns 1 a.m. PT, Jan. 13 and here are the rewards you can receive:

  • Playlist weapon drops
    • Level 32 Sniper Rifle
    • Level 32 Auto Rifle
  • Gain event standing to earn Legendary gear
    • Level 32 Hand Cannon
    • Level 32 Rocket Launcher
    • Level 32 Gauntlets
    • Level 31 Chest

Weekly Nightfall Strikes can now award nine or more Strange Coins and maps on the player-versus-player rotation for Control, Clash and the returning Iron Banner now include The Anomaly, Asylum and The Burning Shrine.

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