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Heroes of the Storm introduces ranked mode for hardcore players later today

Blizzard's multiplayer battle arena game Heroes of the Storm enters into closed beta later to today with a few new major features, the company announced in a new video (which you can watch in full below).

The technical alpha version of the game will go offline this morning in anticipation of the new patch, before coming back online in closed beta form at around 2 p.m. EST.

The game will enter into closed beta with a number of updates, including an improved tutorial for new players. Blizzard will also introduce a new draft mode, as well as ranked play for users who have reached Level 30.

You can also expect the addition of the new Sky Temple map and the introduction of the game's newest hero, Thrall. Other heroes have been reworks, including Li Li, Falstad and Abathur, and additional skins will be made available.

And lastly, Blizzard is bringing Stimpacks to the game's Shop, which boosts experence points and gold for a period of time.

You can watch the closed beta walkthrough in full below.

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