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Guild Wars 2 brings an end to the Living World's second season today

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Guild Wars 2 will see the conclusion to its Living World storyline's second season later today, developer ArenaNet confirms.

The story's conclusion, which the team has named "Point of No Return," will see the game world of Tyria at the brink of war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Along with a number of new quests, players who complete this storyline will receive Carapace headgear and fight the Mordrem Vinwrath for a chance at the Carapace chest.

Guild Wars 2's Living World content allows players to play through new game content delivered through a series of seasons. According to ArenaNet, "Players also now have access to DVR-like functionality with the Story Journal, a feature that gives them the ability to save and revisit each new episode they log into to build a growing library of the game's endless storyline." The team has released over two dozen Living World updates so far.