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Trolling Destiny players with the game's 'worst weapon'

"Like we've been telling you all along, this is hands down the single most devastatingly powerful firearm Bungie has ever cooked up. If anything, this gun is due for a serious nerf — better enjoy it while it lasts."

This is the text on the video that shows Destiny player The Legend Himself dominating in the Crucible with what is widely considered to be one of the worst guns in the game. What makes No Land Beyond such a garbage weapon?

"No Land Beyond is notoriously poor for PVE, due to low ammo and lackluster damage. It fares better in PVP, but the low ROF and reticle movement (while strafing) have significantly impacted its popularity," the Destiny database states.

It's a sniper rifle with an attack of 302/331, 19 rate of fire, 25 impact, range of 100, stability of 24 and reload of 62. It holds six shots.

Which is why the video is such a middle finger to everyone else in the community: If a player can dominate this easily with a terrible weapon, think of what they can do with a good one? Skillful editing helps, of course, but this is still a funny way to prove that it's the powers of the chef, not the ingredients, that matter in the end.

The Legend Himself also used the weapon to solo Crota's End, and I officially give up on this game. Y'all are crazy.