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Prep for Evolve's beta by watching us play three full matches

This Thursday, Xbox One owners will be able to join in an open beta for Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming asymmetrical shooter, Evolve — some PS4 and Windows PC players will be able to take part in a limited closed beta, too. If you're looking for a primer on how the game's hunters and monsters operate (or an update on how they've changed since Evolve's Big Alpha), check out the video posted above.

In it, myself and a few Polygon staffers play through three full matches of the game's standard Hunt mode. If you've never played, Evolve actually has a bit of a learning curve, as evidenced by our first, lightning quick match. The second is a bit more balanced; our monster tries to strike a balance between evolving and player-killing, but ends up getting his comeuppance after a lengthy pursuit. The final match is a complete bloodbath. Enjoy, but be forewarned, the video is NSFW — monster hunting elicits plenty of involuntary swearing.

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