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Destiny's Crota raid can still be cheesed, even after Bungie's latest round of fixes

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Destiny developer Bungie dedicated most of the game's latest patch to fixing a host of exploits players had been using to cheat their way through The Dark Below's raid, Crota's End. But in this large-scale version of whack-a-mole game development, players find two new loopholes for every one that Bungie closes.

Digital Trends reports that it's still possible to cheese the first part of Crota's End, even after yesterday's patch. That sequence tasks players with traversing the Abyss, an area deep below the Moon's surface enveloped in near-total darkness. Ten lamps light the way, although each one explodes a short time after a player approaches it. Enterprising Destiny players had figured out that by standing in the right spot near the second lantern, the explosion's shock wave would send them flying to safety. The exploit allowed them to bypass a decent chunk of the Abyss, and more importantly, enemies would no longer spawn continuously near them, so they could waltz to the end unmolested.

"Pillars of Light no longer launch players into the air when they explode," said Bungie in the patch notes for yesterday's Destiny hotfix. It turns out that neither the lamps nor the explosions matter.

A post-patch video from YouTube user Jon Doe illustrates that it's possible to jump from the original cheese spot directly to the top of a nearby wall. You just need to be playing as a Gunslinger Hunter with maximum agility and be using a weapon that offers the Lightweight perk, which further boosts agility by two. From there, you can proceed as before, with no Thralls to worry about until reaching the battle at the end of the Abyss.

The moral of the story? For all of Bungie's efforts, the studio's adversarial relationship with Destiny players will continue. For more on how to maximize your Destiny playtime, check out our latest guide.

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