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The $499 aluminum NES is pretty on the inside too

Analogue Interactive's aluminum body NES, the Analogue Nt, is expected to ship next month, almost a year after it was first announced. And while it's beautiful on the outside, it also has a handsome interior, as Analogue showcased today in photos of the collector-grade system's motherboard.

"We designed and manufactured the Analogue Nt's motherboard with an extraordinary focus on detail," Analogue Interactive said in an email. "It is designed and constructed like a piece of art using custom materials, rarely seen in PCB manufacturing."

The company says it's manufacturing the board with a "custom black PCB with exposed and raised copper traces, finished with a transparent solder mask."

The Analogue Nt will play NES and Famicom games without the use of emulation. The company promises "videophile and audiophile quality" for the console, which starts at $499 and is currently available for pre-order.

Analogue Nt

Analogue Nt

Analogue Nt

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