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Pokémon Shuffle bringing free-to-play puzzling to Nintendo 3DS in February

Pokémon Shuffle will bring a free-to-play puzzle game to the Nintendo 3DS next month, Nintendo announced today during a Nintendo Direct event.

The match-three puzzle game will be available from the eShop and will let you collect and evolve Pokémon and battle in a Bejeweled-like puzzle. Each battle has a limited number of moves, and you goal is to defeat Pokémon with the moves you're allotted.

You can play stages until your starting five hearts run out. When they do, you'll need to wait until you can resume the fight. Players can also continue by earning hearts through playing the game or buying them through in-app purchases in Pokémon Shuffle. Players will be able to earn or purchase items for battle, too.

pokemon shuffle

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