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The world's most amazing Power Glove helps create Robot Chicken's stop-motion animation

Turns out that the Power Glove isn't just a completely rad NES controller (and maybe the best movie prop ever seen in a film about eSports), it's also one of the many tools used to create those amazing episodes of Robot Chicken.

Documentarian Ava Benjamin shot this wonderful short about stop-motion animator Dillon Markey and why he decided, three years ago, to turn the fabled Power Glove into a bluetooth-enabled remote for his work.

"For me, when I thought 'Oh, I want something on my arm, like, what would I want to animate with all day,' " Markey said, holding up his arm sheathed in the modded Power Glove. "This device, this aesthetic, was the one that I wanted. I just ... I had to have a Power Glove on my arm."

So Markey, working with an electronic engineer, had the glove rewired and loaded with Bluetooth so he could control the gear he uses to create stop-motion. Make sure you watch this entire video, if only to see what other little bits and pieces he wired into the glove, like the "fucking awesome" fistbump.

The first piece of animation Markey created with the Power Glove controller involved Miyamoto.

Just ... perfect.

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