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Monument Valley made $5.8 million in revenue from a $1.4 million development cost

Monument Valley is an amazing mobile game that seemed to enjoy great sales, but what does that mean in the modern market? The developer ustwo Games just released a surprising amount of data about the success of the game, and the costs of creating it.

ustwo data

In terms of sheer monetary success it cost $1.4 million for the eight-person team to create the game, and to date it has brought in over $5.8 million in revenue. That's not a bad return on investment!

From a creative standpoint the percentage of people who bought the game, along with the 25 percent conversion into the paid expansion, are incredible numbers. This isn't just a game that people bought in large numbers, it's a game that people played, enjoyed, finished, and then were willing to pay more for more content.

ustwo data

There are other interesting tidbits to be found in the infographic, and it's rare for a developer to open the books in this way. It also proves that even a large premium hit on mobile devices isn't enough to make anyone rich, although the company is likely doing well as it works on its upcoming projects.

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