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Hotline Miami 2 designer tells fan to pirate the game in Australia if they can't buy it

Hotline Miami 2 may be all but banned in Australia, although the game's publisher doesn't quite agree with the reasoning behind that decision, but it looks like Aussie gamers are still interested in playing the ultra-violent indie.

One of the game's developers is giving a fan simple advice for accessing the game in Australia: Just pirate it.

A fan was upset the game won't be available in Australia, and he wants to support the developer and would rather not get into legal trouble. He wrote an e-mail to the game developer to ask for some guidance on how to handle the situation. The game's lead designer, Jonatan Söderström, wrote back with simple advice:

If it ends up not being release in Australia, just pirate it after release.

No need to send us any money, just enjoy the game!

The e-mail has been making the rounds on a few gaming sites and social media, but we've verified its authenticity with the publisher of the game. It's always better to pay for your games if they're available in your country of course, but this is certainly an easy way to stick to the man if your local rating's system limits what you can and can't play.

Having the developer's blessing may help you sleep at night, as well.

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