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The Game of Thrones opening, redone in LittleBigPlanet 3, took two weeks of work

This video was shared with me by the creator, Jamie Colliver who spent two weeks of work with another individual who goes by the tag AAAAALEC. It's a fun video, and is more proof that the LittleBigPlanet 3 is more flexible than many assume. Colliver told me everything in the video was created in-game, including the music.

The trick was to use transitions from camera to camera in order to get the view to follow a custom path. Using this method they were able to turn a game designed to be played on multiple 2D planes into a dynamic floating camera that looks much more cinematic than anything in LittleBigPlanet itself.

The act of using one set of tools to recreate something that was made with another set of tools is actually an efficient way to learn a ton about damned near everything. The way they used the camera in LittleBigPlanet was novel, which shows they know how to get creative with the game, and there's no way to remake something without taking a deep look into what it is and how it accomplishes its goal.

Want to learn how to make games, or just get a look at what goes into any kind of creation? Try something like this. Pick something you like, pick up an easily accessible creation toolkit of some kind, and recreate it to the best of your abilities. You'd be surprised at how much you learn, and how enjoyable the process can be.

You can play the level for yourself to see it in-game as well.

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