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IDARB is a bonkers competitive game that spectators can chop and screw

IDARB — an acronym standing for "I Drew a Red Box," in reference to the game's primitive origins — is madness. It's a competitive sports title where teams of one to four players try to double jump, shoot and dash their way towards victory with blinding speed. Toss in fully customizable teams (complete with user-generated characters, logos and theme songs) and the mix gets even weirder. Then, toss in the fact that spectators on Twitch and Twitter can alter the game on the fly, and it moves into wholly uncharted echelons of weirdness.

Check out the Overview video above to see IDARB in motion. If you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you've got no reason not to check it out — it will be one of next month's free Games with Gold on Xbox One.

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