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Ready Player One sequel in the works, says movie screenwriter

If you like video games and you like a pacey novel, there's a fair chance you've come across Ernest Cline's Ready Player One.

The 2011 novel is the story of a skilled gamer living in a troubled future that is obsessed with 1980s popular culture. He is on a virtual treasure quest that is based on an ancient Atari 2600 game.

Ready Player One is currently being made into a Warner Bros. movie, scripted by Zak Penn. According to a recent Den of Geek interview with Penn, Cline is working on a sequel.

"Ernie's working on a sequel to it [Ready Player One], and it is one of those great ideas that has endless possibilities," said Penn. "And to a certain extent, the longer it exists and the more Ernie thinks about it, the more he comes up with."

Meanwhile, Cline's unrelated second novel Armada is due to be published later this year by Crown Publishing.

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