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Pile of shame burying you? Here's how much time it takes to finish it.

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It's become cliché to bemoan the size of your Steam Library and all of the games you bought but never played. Following the usual Holiday/Winter sales bonanzas, yours might be a little snowed-under right now. Ever wonder how much time it would take to plow through it all?

There's an app for that. Head on over to SteamLeft, which uses the database at to calculate how much life is in your battery of games. Then it offers fun facts about what else you could do in that time.

In my case, I don't have many games in my library. Sports gaming is an infamously console-centered genre. But I could watch all three of the Star Wars flicks* 89 times instead. Which, considering some of what is in my library, might be more worthwhile.

To calculate your library's time, enter your Steam ID if your profile is publicly viewable. If not, you'll need to sign in with Steam.

(*-I don't acknowledge the existence of episodes one through three.)