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Here's the luckiest basket you'll ever see in NBA 2K15

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Last week, when an NBA basketball player hit this shot — the clock started with 0.2 seconds on it — I said there's no way we'd ever see that kind of thing in a video game. Now I think we've seen a video game shot that won't be seen in real life, courtesy of NBA 2K15's MyCareer.

Plenty of own-goals are scored in basketball, professional and — ahem, Florida — collegiate. I'm not sure I've seen one that was blocked, bounced off the floor and back through the hoop. Not only that, it gives the taciturn Russell Westbrook a three-point play.

The play comes at the expense of Markieff Morris, a lovable dope on the Phoenix Suns, even if he is one of the worst voice actors in the game's MyCareer mode. Had NBA 2K15 not had offline modes hamstrung by its online requirements, which had big problems for a couple weeks after launch, it would have been our sports game of the year. See Polygon's review for more.

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