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Watch the fastest Ocarina of Time speedrun ever

Cosmo Wright, the man behind the 18-minute and 10-second speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, now has some serious competition breathing down his neck. Twitch user Jodenstone has bested him by three full seconds.

Making the speedrun of Ocarina of Time in under 20 minutes is no small task and involves pulling from an entire body of collected work by the speedrunning community. In the video below, Wright goes into great detail on the myriad things you have to do well in order to pull it off. It makes Jodenstone's elation all the more understandable knowing how hard it was to get there.

Around 16:20 Jodenstone comes to the end of his run, something he's clearly very emotional about. He can be seen alternately holding his breath and his own head in his hands and seems on the verge of tears.

You can read more about speedrunning, and about Cosmo Wright, in Polygon's feature.

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