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The weirdest/best Pokémon song is now the weirdest/best Nintendo 3DS theme

In August, The Pokémon Company released a reggae-style video featuring the adorably sluggish Pokémon Slowpoke engaging in some very weird behavior. Now (because 2015 is clearly going to be the best year), you can download a theme inspired by that video for your Nintendo 3DS. Here's the full snap:

slowpoke 3ds theme

The theme is called Pokémon: Slowpoke and is available for $1.99. Once downloaded, it features a beachside Slowpoke lounging to a lyric-free version of "The Slowpoke Song: Donai Yanen Yadon." If you missed the original video when it was released, you'll want to watch it below.

Nintendo added themes to the 3DS earlier this year.

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