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Here's a longer look at Saints Row's strange, canceled 'Money Shot'

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

More footage has surfaced of an unreleased, canceled Saints Row game — Money Shot — giving a fuller picture of an arcade-style game that ended up a casualty of THQ's troubles in the year before it cratered.

Footage of Money Shot has been seen before and the game's existence was confirmed back in 2011. This video from YouTuber Banana Swag (who uncovered this footage of the also-canceled Star Wars: Battlefront 3) gives the longest look yet at the game, more than 14 minutes in all.

The setup is typically Saints-Row bizarre: as a sniper/assassin, the player (a new character: "Cypher") fires a shot from a ridiculously remote location and then steers it past obstacles (and through collateral targets and boosts) toward the intended target at the end. The game features 11 missions and a 12th, "Infinite tunnel," that by its title appears to be an infinite-flyer type of scoring game. More on the game can be seen at the Saints Row wiki.

This version is played on an Xbox 360. Saints Row: Money Shot was to have been released on PlayStation 3 and, in a twist, also on Nintendo 3DS. It was to have been a downloadable game. THQ executive Danny Bilson, in 2011, said it was supposed to be free on PlayStation Network.

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