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This is the best game trailer ever, everyone else can go home

There are Kickstarter campaigns, and then there is the dedication to theme and tone shown by the team behind Strafe. Watch the trailer, read the Kickstarter pitch, and then appreciate the risk section of the page.

"In 2014, around 60 million people died on Earth. There is a low but persistent risk the STRAFE® team may also suffer untimely brutal deaths and be unable to deliver the game to backers," it states. So there you go.

This whole thing is funny, and successfully sells the vision for the game, but I'd also like to point out this is pretty much the marketing ideas behind the '90s PC gaming business taken to its insane conclusion. It's not that the trailer is crazy, but that it makes me feel nostalgic for the days when monitors were CRT, mice had balls and the violent games were hidden in the sock drawer.

The Kickstarter bonuses include POGs and AOL icons. The campaign doesn't feel like a joke as much as it feels like a historical document about a future that never happened. I love everything about it.

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