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Watch the post-game credits that will make you a nicer, more thoughtful person

IDARB, the upcoming competitive title for Xbox One, is pretty zany across-the-board. But the title's post-game credits sequence has a heartfelt message for those who best IDARB's single-player campaign: Think before you comment.

Over adolescent pictures of the game's development staff and a parade of the game's user-generated characters, a moving ballad emphasizes to players that real people worked hard on the game, and to consider their feelings before providing any mean-spirited feedback. It extols the virtue of kind behavior, saying it might be rewarded with a PC port of the title — but not Mac and Linux, a decision the song also explains.

You can watch the post-credits sequence above, or read the song's lyrics below. IDARB will be free with Games for Gold when it launches next month. Look for our review of IDARB later this week.

These are the people

who made the game you're playing

They worked really hard

sometimes day and night

and often instead

of spending time with their families

they tried to ensure

that the gameplay was really tight.

So think before you comment

Please don't send that Tweet

Don't you rage upon the forums

Or take it to the streets!

These people do have feelings

just like you and me.

And if you treat them with kindness

they might port this to PC.

(But not Mac and Linux, 'cause there's just no market for it. Sorry.)

Despite all their efforts

you might find some bugs

They tried their best, but sometimes

it's just not enough.

Please don't go online

and start attacking.

Sometimes you'll find things are so much

better with hugs!

Think before you comment

Words can really hurt.

You can make a YouTube playthrough

and they might send you a shirt!

These people do have feelings.

They bleed, and yes, they cry

Don't send them threatening emails

You can stop it if you try!

If we all try

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