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See Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's new Exo Zombies, John Malkovich in action

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's first batch of downloadable content, Havoc, comes to Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Jan. 27. In addition to a quartet of new multiplayer maps, Havoc introduces Exo Zombies, undead soldiers outfitted with Advanced Warfare's superpowered exoskeletons. More importantly, it adds John Malkovich to the game.

Malkovich, as maintenance man Oz, joins fellow actors Bill Paxton (Aliens, Big Love), Rose McGowan (Scream, Grindhouse) and Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, The Wolf of Wall Street) in the cooperative multiplayer zombie mode, which you can see in action in the gameplay trailer above. The four characters will fight hordes of fast moving zombies in an invasion of the Atlas Corporation, the entity that supplies the futuristic military hardware in Advanced Warfare. Malkovich's character doesn't appear to be a fan of his employer, based on today's trailer.

Like other Call of Duty DLC, Advanced Warfare's Havoc add-on comes first to Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.

For more on what's included in Havoc, check out the DLC's previous trailer.

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