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Microsoft is 'really looking at' streaming from PC to Xbox One

Microsoft is "really looking at" enabling streaming from a Windows 10 PC to an Xbox One, Xbox head Phil Spencer said following a Windows 10 event today.

Earlier today, Spencer took the stage at the event to reveal a Windows 10 feature that works in the opposite way, allowing streaming Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC or tablet. Games must support the feature, which will be possible with Wi-Fi on a local network.

"People ask about the streaming in the opposite direction — can I stream from my PC to my Xbox? — and I'll just say it's something that we're really looking at," Spencer said. "This announcement is what we have, but if you think about that vision — my games are my games wherever I am, and I can play with whoever I want to play with — we want to be able to land solutions that are as native as the one we showed there. We just have to kind of work with the physics of time and try to work it development schedules."

Microsoft's competitors in the console and PC markets also offer streaming features. On the console end, Sony allows the PlayStation 4 to feed games and video to the PlayStation Vita, while Nintendo's Wii U ships with a tablet-like GamePad controller. Valve offers In-Home Streaming from computer-to-computer through Steam. Nvidia's Shield handheld supports in-home streaming from a PC, while its GameStream technology is designed for out-of-home streaming.

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