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Script for The Walking Dead spinoff pilot leaks

In 2013, AMC announced that it was in the process of developing a spinoff from The Walking Dead. Codenamed Cobalt, the show is set in Los Angeles during the same zombie outbreak of the original show.

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool got its hands on what appears to be an early script for the pilot of that show. You probably don't want to read any further if you want to remain in the dark about Cobalt.

The pilot, which was at the time named "Fear The Walking Dead," seems to offer a lot of insight into how Cobalt will fit into The Walking Dead's universe and storyline.

Specifically, the pilot opens at a time when the infection is just starting to take hold. People still don't know of the infection and what few signs they've seen of the dead rising and eating the living, they simple refuse to believe.

It doesn't help that the government, in trying to quell hysteria, denies what is going on.

The show will follow a family of two teachers who have two older teens. According to Bleeding Cool, the pilot includes drugs, illness and self-harm as topics.

What's interesting about this take on The Walking Dead universe is that it will show how things fall apart and, at least initially, the viewers will have a better understanding of what's to come than those in the show.

While the information comes from a leaked script, attorneys for the show did contact Bleeding Cool to ask them to remove direct quotes from the script, lending to the authenticity of the document.

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