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Want to get big on Twitch? Stream one of these five games

Twitch has become a way people consume games, but it's also become an important way to market games, and you can tell much about how a game is doing in the market based on its patterns on the popular streaming service.

According to a recent report by EEDAR's Patrick Walker, published in GamesIndustry, only five games make up 61 percent of the viewing volume in the fourth quarter of 2014.

"While Twitch is becoming a more diverse content channel, the top multiplayer games that have strong eSports communities and operate as an ongoing game as a service (GaaS) drive a large percentage of the overall traffic," Walker wrote.

So which games do you want to stream? Here's the list, with a breakdown of what titles do the best within the top five.

eedar chart

"Interestingly, while League of Legends has almost double the share of Twitch view volume as Dota 2, Dota 2 over-indexes compared to the overall size of the respective games, as League of Legends has approximately seven times the monthly active users as Dota 2 (70 million compared to 10 million)," Walker continued.

"This is likely driven by Twitch being a primarily Western Market product and by Dota 2 having a higher percentage of users that are interested in competitive play (League of Legends is considered the more accessible of the two games)."

The entire report is fascinating, and the amount of movement on Twitch when it comes to the biggest games is heartening. Please read the whole thing, it's filled with great insight on an emerging way to play and market games.

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