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What do you get when you combine Guitar Hero and a waterslide?

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Slideboard is the answer to the age-old koan, "What do you get when you combine Guitar Hero and a waterslide?" Visitors to Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas will be able to play their own answers this May.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, riders will board a raft with built-in controllers, which you can see in the image above from creator WhiteWater West. As they careen though the waterslide's 300-foot tunnel, sensors inside the raft will light up colored LED bulbs. The object of Slideboard's game is to click a colored button on the controller that corresponds to the illuminated tunnel. Match a target, and your raft will buzz in affirmation.

Slideboard will have 36 levels of difficulty that range from selecting single colors from a few targets to more button combinations and as many as 20 targets.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas, which boasts more than 25 rides and attractions like a 1,000-foot lazy river and the Red Rock Bay wave pool, is located west of the Las Vegas strip. It's currently closed for the winter.