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Awesomely '80s game trailer is the nerdiest thing you'll see today

Maybe '80s video game nostalgia is played out.

Or maybe you just need to do it right. This very dorky trailer for Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, an upcoming roguelike RPG, posits that the present is 1987, and that the game is the hottest new software coming from clunky "innovative" technology.

You could roll your eyes, or you could marvel at just how the team got the details right. The awful sweaters. The NASA mug being held on an NES cartridge. The stupid nightly news B-roll and goofy soundtrack. The folks at development studio Headup Games have gone all-in on their vision of the nerdy '80s, and it's a beautiful sight to behold.

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic will launch on Steam for Windows PC, Mac and Linux on Feb. 6.

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