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Battlefield Hardline's maps include a huge pot plant

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A gigantic underground marijuana growing operation will be among the multiplayer maps available in Battlefield Hardline, sure to be popular among shooter enthusiasts with 420 in their Gamertags and online IDs.

Electronic Arts divulged all the maps for the upcoming cops-and-robbers twist on its military franchise, as well as details on all of the multiplayer modes. Some of this stuff has been revealed in previews already, but this is an official full accounting of what the game has to offer.

The maps are: Downtown, Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heights, Derailed, Riptide, Everglades (yes, in Florida, despite the Los Angeles setting otherwise) and the pot-themed map is Growhouse. The link has more screenshots and all of the details.

Modes include Battlefield staples like Conquest, Team Deathmatch; two capture-the-flag variants called Heist and Blood Money; Rescue, in which the cops have to deal with a hostage situation; Crosshair, basically a VIP protection mission; and Hotwire, in which the crooks try to steal cars and the cops try to stop the stealing of said cars, usually with firearms.

Dust Bowl and Downtown will be featured in the next beta for Battlefield Hardline, whose dates still aren't announced. The game is less than two months from a March 17 launch. It was originally scheduled to release last fall, but EA held it back after community response to the original beta last summer.

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