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Planetside 2 claims the record for most players in an FPS battle

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

This weekend, Planetside 2's community set out to beat the world record for most players participating in a first-person shooter at one time, and they're saying they got it. They're claiming a record of 1,158 players in one battle.

The PlanetsideBattles Twitch channel broadcast the run at the mark last night, which you can view below. The record, certified by Guinness World Records, was 999 in 2012 for Man vs. Machine, a browser-based FPS.

Guinness, either on its blog or social media, has yet to weigh in on the Planetside 2 attempt. If certified, it'll set a high bar for future FPS battles.

Of course, this is only for a specific type of video game. MMOs routinely feature hundreds of human players within the same world, even if they're not all engaged in the same activity. And EVE Online seems overdue for another massive space battle, which can grow so large the game has to slow time to a crawl. Last year's "Titanomachy" epic involved 7,500 players.