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Ms. Marvel saves San Francisco from hate ads

What would Ms. Marvel — Marvel's premiere Muslim superhero — do if she spotted the real-life Islamaphobic advertisements that are currently running on San Francisco buses? Why, she would "fix" them.

That's precisely the mindset that some kind soul (or superhero) is working under. Currently, hateful ads paid for by Freedom Defense Initiative (an anti-Muslim group) are adorning public transit in San Francisco. The ads are frankly disgusting — I've seen them myself — and upsetting, and they were no doubt meant to be, given San Francisco's reputation as a tolerant, anything-goes kind of city.

As spotted on Street Cred's Facebook page, drawings of Ms. Marvel accompanied by slogans like "free speech isn't a license to spread hate" and "stamp out racism!" have been going up on some of the offending buses.

Here is the finest example of free speech — repurposing hateful propaganda with art that preaches acceptance. It's downright super heroic.

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