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The first Gear VR ad shows the difficulty of selling virtual reality

Virtual reality is a technology that has to be experienced. It's hard to explain to someone that you can put on a headset, look around and enjoy the illusion of being somewhere else. This advertisement for Samsung's Gear VR tries to show off the experience using a few neat tricks, but mostly serves as an example of how hard it will be to get your average consumer interested in VR.

Gear VR is a great piece of technology that still needs a bit of work before it's ready for the mainstream, and the advertising can be described in the same way.

We see no games here, and it's hard to get across the feeling of flying over a city when you're showing someone sitting down and reacting to what seems to be a giant spherical screen. This is an interesting way of trying to get across how it feels to be in virtual reality, but it mostly comes off as goofy and a bit forced.

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