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This apartment built in Unreal Engine 4 is nicer than any I will ever live in

If you'd like to visit a fabulous, exotic locale today, look no further than this downloadable pet project — a virtual tour of an apartment built in Unreal Engine 4 — from CG generalist and level designer Dereau Benoit.

"Unreal Paris" isn't interested in exploring crazy worlds, but just a single home. The video crawls through a lavish apartment, taking time to pay attention to the little details: towels on a shelf, or intricate lamps along the walls. That may not sound impressive at first, but the demo is of dazzlingly high quality. As our colleagues over at The Verge put it, it's "a better Unreal 4 demo than Epic's own trailers." It's virtual apartment porn of the highest order.

Sure, the sky's the limit when you're building a virtual apartment, but that doesn't make the sting any less. I mean, are you seeing those hardwood floors and high ceilings? That stuff would cost a fortune. And please, don't get me started on the immaculate state of that furniture. Somebody upgraded from IKEA.