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Plague Inc. players raise $76K for Ebola fight

Players of Plague Inc., a game about global pandemic, have raised $76,000 for organizations fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Back in November, Ndemic Creations, the developer of Plague Inc., announced a campaign to raise money for organizations like the Red Cross, Disaster Emergency Committee and MSF. Today, Ndemic owner James Vaughan announced the results of the push. He said that over 800,000 players have visited

"The current Ebola outbreak is highly concerning and I wanted to do something to help," Vaughan told Polygon. "Obviously due to the nature of the game, Plague Inc. highlights the risks of infectious disease and helps players understand the importance of taking action. By showing a message in game, it can reach people who might not normally think about donating to a charity in this situation.

"I'm extremely proud of the Plague Inc. community, together we have raised a significant amount of money for charities across the world and provided an example of how groups of gamers can come together and be a force for good."

Plague Inc. is a hit strategy game for mobile and PC that simulates the worldwide spread of a deadly contagion.

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