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Every Mario game placed in chronological order

We've been playing games starring Mario since the '80s — dozens of them. That's a lot of adventures for an unassuming plumber to go on. Yet in all of this time, across all of these games, one question has never been answered: How do they all fit together?

You may scoff at that question, but if Nintendo isn't going to answer it, you better believe fans will step up. One fan in particular, YouTube user Scorpigator Films, has pieced together a definitive Super Mario timeline.

Why does Super Mario 3D Land take place in between the original NES games? Where does Luigi's Mansion fit? And what's up with Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and the many other spin-off games?

Watch the video above for answers to all those questions and more. It's goofy, but actually really fun and clever. There's also an image version of the timeline if you don't want the great explanations.