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Samurai Gunn comes to Mac today, along with a big update

Beau Blyth's multiplayer action game Samurai Gunn is now available for Mac OS X, as is a pretty substantial update for the Windows PC version.

The four-player competitive action game, in which samurai battle with lightning fast sword slashing and a gun with just three bullets, was released on PC in late 2013. Today's update for Samurai Gunn adds 11 new levels to the game and two new modes: Master of the House, in which players fight on four random levels and settle ties in moonlit showdowns; and Showdown Shogun, which has no bullets and no extra lives.

Blyth also added widescreen support, more controller configuration options and a number of new effects, including a gore-reducing option that swaps blood sprays for cherry blossom petals. More details on today's Samurai Gunn update — including a tease about some unannounced secrets — are available at the game's Tumblr.

For a peek at what's new, check out the trailer below. The Mac version of Samurai Gunn is now available on Steam.

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