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MLB 15 The Show reports its new features, and more Thursday

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MLB 15 The Show will kick off the sports video gaming calendar when it launches March 31 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Vita. Sony is ready to discuss what the latest edition will bring, and has offered an official feature list in advance of a fuller reveal on Thursday.

Some of this either was known or teased earlier, but now has a little more detail beyond a one- or two-word description. Most intriguing will be the "Inside the Show" suite of news updates meant to connect players to the ongoing stories of their career modes. "Inside the Show" will be a radio-style broadcast within the game's Franchise, Season and Road to the Show modes.

Further, this will be the first year in which career gamesaves from a prior edition of the game — MLB 14 The Show — will be playable in a future edition, a first for console sports gaming.

A full list of features and gameplay improvements are available at this link, but Sony San Diego Studio will also be holding a livestream to discuss the game at 5 pm ET on Thursday.