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You can play Far Cry 4 at max settings with MSI's laptop and GPU expansion

MSI's newly unveiled 13" laptop/desktop GPU enclosure combo, the GS30 Shadow and Gaming Dock bundle, is capable of smoothly playing Far Cry 4 at max setting, IGN reports But it's going to set you back $1,700.

msi laptop

The new model has a 13.3" screen with 1920x1080 resolution, an integrated Iris Pro 5200 graphics processor, Core i7-4870HQ, 16GB DDR 1600MHz RAM, and a pair of 128GB SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration. But the main feature is its gaming dock, which lets owners use the processing power of a desktop GPU up to 14.3" in length, expand storage with a slot for a 3.5" hard disk drive and use your laptop's audio through its speakers.

While this might sound similar to Alienware's Gaming Amplifier, MSI is emphasizing the Gaming Dock's bandwith capabilities as its stand-out feature. According to MSI, Alienware Gaming Amplifier limits bandwith to PCI-E x4 speed. Comparatively, the Gaming Dock will reportedly offer the full speed of PCI-e X16 and grants better performance.

The GS30 and Gaming Dock will be sold as a bundle for now; however, the Gaming Dock could become compatible with other MSI laptops in the future, says MSI.

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