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These Destiny resources will help you reduce grind, increase fun

Destiny is one of the best games of the year or one of the worst, depending on which player you're asking and at what time. Either way, it can be an overwhelming game to play, but this list of resources will help see you through as you grind for the best loot.

We've already published a guide to help you use your time wisely, but if you want to know anything, and perhaps everything, else? This list from Reddit is a great resource.

Need a "general overview of characters, inventory, Grimoire, Faction ranks, Progress and Statistics, current Bounties, Fireteam requests/offers, Item comparison and a general database"? Head over to DestinyTracker. Looking to do some public events? Destiny Public Events is a great resource.

Worry about collectibles? Here's a list, straight from the Reddit thread:

The entire list has many great resources, including several sites to help you ask for, and hopefully find, good parties for your raids. It can be hard to keep up on the best ways to play Destiny if you're interested in getting the best equipment, but these tools will go a long way to helping you put your gaming time to work for you.

Eyes up, Guardians.

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