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Greg Miller quits IGN for new venture

IGN frontman Greg Miller, co-host Colin Moriarty and two senior video producers have quit the media news network to focus on their own Patreon-funded entertainment venture, Kinda Funny.

Miller (pictured in black shirt), along with regular co-host Colin Moriarty and video producers Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys, announced their departure today via Patreon. The team has been working together on YouTube side projects for some years, creating friendly chat-show-style vignettes about everything from politics to the best Oreo cookies.

But the new Kinda Funny will focus more on the team's core interests of games, comics, movies and TV — areas that they were previously discouraged to cover outside work by former employer IGN.

"We've had a lot of support from fans just talking about things no one really cares about, like hot dogs," Miller told Polygon. "Now we can talk about the things that we are really known for, like games, comics, Superman and Mega Man."

Kinda Funny's Patreon campaign has brought in over $30,000 in the last few months, allowing the team to move on from IGN. Both Miller and Moriarty had been with IGN for over eight years, with Miller fronting many of the network's video presentations and promotions.

The Kinda Funny team will produce a series of daily podcasts, Twitch streams, Let's Plays and YouTube shows. Patreon subscribers gain early access to content.

Disclosure: The author of this article worked with Miller and Moriarty at IGN some years ago.

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