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This Nintendo smartphone app isn't real, but maybe it should be

The idea of Nintendo games on smartphones either makes you salivate or enrages you. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground when the idea pops up in conversation. This fake ad, created by a fan who just wanted to learn some editing skills, does a great job of selling the idea.

Trying to play a Nintendo classic on a touchscreen would be hell for old school fans, but there are plenty of ways to attach controllers to your tablets and phones these days. The real question is whether this move would benefit Nintendo or the companies that control the hardware more.

Nintendo's back catalog of games is its most valuable asset, and it's an asset that's sadly underutilized as we've discussed before. We're also talking about a hypothetical situation hinted at by a fan-made trailer in one of the most contentious topics when it comes to Nintendo fandom.

"This pretend app is never selling any games to be played on the smart device. This free app contains free demos (like the Masterpieces in Smash Bros. — did you notice the countdown timer in the upper-right?)," the video's creator stated on YouTube.

"Please respect Nintendo’s decision not to make its games playable on any devices other than their own and I personally don’t expect nor necessarily want them to change that stance. I have a love for Nintendo and wanted to have fun while improving software/editing skills."

Nintendo has released some of the best games of 2014, but using the Wii U's interface to do anything is still a painful task. An app that would you let you organize your games, buy new titles and look for demos on your smart device would be great, and Nintendo's competitors already allow this to happen.

Nintendo has completely ignored the gaming console we all carry in our pocket, and this is just one look at what might happen if that stance were to soften.

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