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Watch a robot tear apart and rebuild Super Mario World and Pokémon

Awesome Games Done Quick, the incredible charity event happening all week, is mostly about speedrunning, as its name suggests. But over the years, the folks behind AGDQ have created a tradition of taking a break from the speedruns to show off something a little more ... strange.

There's a subsection of the speedrunning community that does TAS — or tool-assisted speedruns. Essentially this consists of messing with the code of the game itself to create "perfect" runs or, in some cases, completely break the game.

Some members of the Awesome Games Done Quick community created what they call a TASBot, a robot that performs these tool-assisted runs live during the event. Last year, the TASBot helped turn Super Mario World into two very different games, Pong and Snake. This year, things got even weirder.

You'll want to jump to about 23 minutes and 30 seconds in the video above to get to the good stuff. In this portion of the video, TASBot performs some sorcery with Super Mario World that ends in replacing the game entirely...with Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

If that's not bizarre enough on its own, the next segment swaps to Pokémon Red running on a Super Game Boy add-on for the Super Nintendo. This begins about 37 minutes into the video.

After working some magic, a restart and some weird scrolling text, something unbelievable happens: the live Twitch chat from Awesome Games Done Quick is pulled into the game, complete with the streaming website's unique emoticons.

TASBot also helped create an odd Mario Kart 64 segment, which you can see at the beginning of the video above.

While the speedruns happening during Awesome Games Done Quick often exploit glitches and break games in fun ways, the TASBot segments are always the most unpredictable and astonishing of the week. If you'd like to check out more from Awesome Games Done Quick, you can watch the event live or look at this helpful listing of archived videos on Reddit.

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