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Rust is prettier, less irradiated and far more nude than you might remember

The Rust that's available to play now on Steam doesn't look remotely like the Rust you might have played last year. Though you can still play that classic version through the game's launcher (under the title Rust Legacy), developer Facepunch has been slowly iterating on a new version of the title for months — a build running on a new, sleeker engine. However, a few features from classic Rust have yet to be implemented in its prettier successor; fans of Radtown scavenging, for instance, are going to be left out in the cold.

Check out the Overview above to see Justin and I revisit the unforgiving biomes of Rust. It seems like an appropriate way to start out 2015 — our very first Overview was Rust, an experience that turned us both into monstrous shells of our former selves.

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