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Watch the world record in Mario Bros. get smashed

Early this week, Steven Kleisath spent nearly six hours in front of Mario Bros., racked up 5,424,920 points and set a new world record for Nintendo's 1983 arcade classic.

You can watch a six-plus hour stream of the record-breaking run above, which Kleisath broadcasted on Twitch Monday. Amid the satisfying thump of the arcade joystick and the crack of its buttons, you can see some serious strategy here. At seven minutes in, for example, you'll see Kleisath use a pair of Shellcreepers to wall in enemies and then rack up a ton of points using a POW. He loses his last life about five hours and 43 minutes into his playthrough.

A thread on Twin Galaxies' forums shows Kleisath's submission to the world record arbitration organization, with other world record holders congratulating him for his accomplishment.

Tom Votava held the previous high score of 4,678,440 points. Kleisath set the record for the second-best score in July 2014, breaking a record that stood since 1985.