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Destiny's free legendary gifts have arrived!

Bungie announced that Destiny players would be receiving a "small, but Legendary" gift this week, and those gifts have begun to roll out to players.

"Packages are being deployed by the millions throughout the day. Check your emails and the Postmaster for confirmation," Bungie stated on Twitter.

You'll be receiving a specific weapon, not an Engram, and it will arrive via a "mysterious benefactor." There seems to be some luck of the draw in terms of what you receive, but this is not the version of the weapon you can buy from the vendors; there is at least a small shot of picking up a good set of perks. What are people receiving?

Some are not so excited.

It's still a nice gesture, and I'm tempted to log back in to see what I got; this is a pretty good incentive to get back into the game. Bungie has created a little loot cave in the heart of every player.

So what did YOU get?

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