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How would Grand Theft Auto fare with a Portland setting?

Portland's scenic city, gun stores and plentiful strip clubs would make for a  — well, actually, pretty OK setting for the next Grand Theft Auto game, according to a blogpost from Willie Clark over at Movoto Real Estate.

Just by the numbers, Clark argues that its six police stations, nine gun stores, 81 strip clubs and 637 coffee shops provide more than enough local flavor to make a great playground for a new Grand Theft Auto. Compare this to Los Santos of Grand Theft Auto 5, for which Clark says there are 10 coffee shops, 11 gun stores and 12 police stations.

"Portland would be the PERFECT city for the next Grand Theft Auto game," Clark writes. "It has the personality, the intrigue, and frankly it might be more fun to visit Portland digitally and not risk running into all of those old college friends who are trying to make the rest of the world move there."

You can check out the full post — which includes a detailed map — for more on how Portland might make a cozy home for a new GTA game. Last year, Movoto also gave us a price estimate on Princess Peach's sweet home castle. Hint: It wasn't cheap.

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