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Four year after concept trailer, Laserlife is back thanks to a partnership with Intel

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In late 2010, Gaijin Games — the independent developer best known for its Bit.Trip series — shared a concept video for a new project called Laserlife. The video's description field read: "Will we ever make it? WHO KNOWS!" Though the project was still just a concept at that point, a few months later Gaijin's Alex Neuse said that, if it was made, it would "probably be for PlayStation Move or Kinect." He added, "We've even toyed with bringing it to iPad."

And now, four years later, Gaijin — operating under the name Choice Provisions — is announcing a new life for Laserlife, thanks to a partnership with Intel. It's not clear if plans for PlayStation Move or Kinect are out, but support for Intel's RealSense camera technology is definitely in.

"We’ll be going into more detail about how the game will work with the Intel RealSense camera at a later date, but for the time being just trust us when we say we’re working hard to create a gesture-based control scheme that makes sense," Choice Provisions says in a press release. While we don't know what kind of "unique interface features" are planned for RealSense, we can see a demo of the technology below:

Choice Provisions plans to bring the game to other platforms afterwards, though it's not clear how the motion controls will be supported (Move? Kinect?). "For those wondering, Laserlife will be coming to other platforms at a later date. It may be something of a fool’s errand, but our intent is to please everyone with this game and make it available in as many places as possible."

A PC release first makes sense, considering the support that Intel is providing. Choice Provisions calls Laserlife "a large, time-consuming, risky endeavor" and since the first concept, the team "always knew that we’d want some external support to realize our ambitions."

"We found that support in the form of Intel, who not only share our enthusiasm in this project, but have proven themselves more than willing to follow our creative lead to make the kind of game we want to make," the press release reads.

If you're curious about what that kind of game may look like, the original 2010 teaser is embedded below.

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