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Only 5 percent of Monument Valley players paid for the game on Android

Just five percent of Monument Valley installs on Android devices were paid for and only 40 percent were paid for on iOS devices, according to the developers of the game.

Following the tweet of stats, Re/code spoke with Monument Valley producer Dan Gray at Ustwo Games to figure out what those numbers mean.

In the Q&A, Gray noted that not all of the unpaid installs were pirated, it also includes people who own both a smartphone and tablet and installed on both legitimately. Though Gray notes it doesn't make a big difference to that stat.

More interesting is Gray's take on the pirated copies, which he says they can't really do anything about:

"The best way I like to think about it is, the majority of those users probably wouldn't have bought the game anyway," Gray said. "So it's not like we're losing revenue. And, of course, I'm sure some of those users have recommended the game to friends who maybe aren't as tech-savvy as they are. It's essentially free marketing. When I say we're not complaining about that ratio, that kind of ratio was expected before we made the game and it's not that surprising now that we've released the game. You just roll with the punches."

You can read the full interview with Gray over on Re/code.

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